Lee Fisher International Inc. has been the leading provider of quality commercial crabbing, fishing and shrimping products in the United States since 1982. Our warehouse in Tampa Florida stocks a huge selection of ready to ship products.

Call us or shop through our online store at www.leefisherfishing.com. Find quality products at great prices, such as monofilament netting, nylon shrimp webbing, nylon tail bag webbing, , and polyethylene webbing, poly tail bag webbing, P.E. chaffing gear, P.E. knotless webbing, cordage, combination cable, fish baskets, nylon twines, PE Twines, floats, buoys, lead weights, crab traps, trap wires, rebars, zinc bars, and more, ready to ship anywhere in the US.

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White Twisted Nylon, Green & Bonded Twisted Nylon, Black & Tarred Braided Nylon, Black & Tarred Twisted Nylon, Gold Braided Nylon, White Braided Nylon, Green Braided Polyethylene, Green Twisted Polyethylene, High Power Polyethylene Braided.
Tools and Accessories
Fish Picks, Fish Scalers, Utility Knives, Dexter Russel Cutlery, Hog Ring Plier, Hog Rings, Net Needles, Swivels, Clips, Snaps, Crab Tongs
Weights / Sinkers
Egg Sinkers, Worm Sinkers, Split Shots, Bass Sinkers, Pyramid Sinkers, Bank Sinkers
Fish Baskets, Fish Trays, Totes
Traps and Supplies
Blue Crab Traps, Stone Crab Traps, Pinfish Traps, Trap Wires, Reinforcement Wire, Rebars, Trap Funnel, Trap Hooks, Trap Escape Ring, Zinc Bars, Hog Ring Pliers
Grundens Brigg 40 Parka, Grundens Herkules 16 Bib, Cofish Hooded Jacket, Cofish Bib Pants, Aprons, Joy Fish Boots, Royal Boots
Monofilament, Nylon, Polyethylene, Spectra
Ropes / Pot Warp
Nylon Twisted, Poly Twisted, Poly Hollow Braided, Float Lines, Sink Rope, Lead Core Line, Bungee Cord, Aqua Steel
Latex Shrimp Gloves, Nylon/Poly Blend Work Glove, Nylon/Poly Blend Work Glove with PVC Dots, PVC Coated Acrylic/Poly Blend Work Gloves, 100% Poly Heavy Duty Work Gloves, Rubber Work Gloves, Red 100% Nylon Work Gloves.